The slip is the same a KCKT in my opinion, but unlike KCKT, less is more. I used it after washing my hair which was super tangles because I don't really avoid tangles when shampooing. I split my hair into four sections and used only a pea/dime sized amount for each. My hair was actually moisturizes and detangled. Since i had to leave the house it was the only product I had in my hair. Upon returning home, I misted my loose hair that I had worn out, and it was still as detangled as when I left.
So I would say its more moisturizing than KCKT. It works faster than KCKT. I used less of it than KCKT and the price is the same. These r just my opinions and results. Also it didn't weigh my hair down or flake, and once my hair was dry it was very soft and managable.