I just wet my hair, then apply, then wash it with only water afterwards. I don't really use shampoo so thats why I have some problems getting the excess out. Will try the honey thing when I get home again from my trip abroad on monday Hopefully the shower cap that I ordered online has arrived by then as well! I also ordered Aubrey organics GPB for the proteins(before I knew it possible to use gelatin). Have you tried it? If my hair seem to like proteins I will try the gelatin stuff too!
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I don't think the Aubrey Organics is hydrolysed protein.

Komaza Care claim
"We found that using Aloe Vera along with Behentrimonium Methosulfate creates a more effective protein treatment. Aloe Vera paired with Behentrimonium Methosulfate act as a carrier for the proteins allowing them to further penetrate the hair shaft to minimize protein build-up."
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I have Komaza Care's old formula protein strengthener which is basically hydrolysed protein and water, and does leave my hair rather straw like. I tried this by layering over a lightweight conditioner with those two high in the ingredients list (CURLS Milkshake) and it did seem to be effective.
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