I will definitely keep an eye on it, but hope for the best. Even if we called my vomiting a "stressor" it could cause TE, and that in itself takes more than a few days to resolve itself. i'll give it a couple weeks. I was more just wondering if anyone else had experienced something similar. I thought too, maybe it's the summer "high" shed for the hot weather that many have.
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In and of itself the act of vomiting is not likely the issue, resultant dehydration and/ or nutrient deficiencies and/ or systemic inflammation can be. But understand the hair doesn't shed right away, it goes into a dormant state and sheds weeks or months later. This means shedding can continue long after the health problem is resolved which is obviously distressing. So the faster you identify and address any dietary issues the less hair you are likely to lose.

Shedding is not more common in humans in the summer it's more common in the autumn/ winter, we don't moult like cats or dogs. If it's not normal for you, it's not normal for you.

I do feel for you, a dear friend of mine had hyperemesis badly enough to be hospitalised with dehydration.
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