A little background: I had a conversation last week where I mentioned I can't believe my baby has gotten as big as she is (4 1/2 months. 15 pounds) . When I think "Michelle " I picture her at 2days. She was so tiny, barely 5 lbs. One nurse in particular had really taken a liking to her and bought my baby clothes with her own money. So that day the wheeled my babh bassinet in, she's wearing a green Preemie size Bodysuit with "mommy's sunshine " written across the chest in hot pink and yellow glitter screenprint, with tiny hot pink mittens and yellow socks and a tiny. Hot pink hairbow clippy. Suddenly her eyes opened and she looked up at me. That's my image of my daughter. So it's a little shocking to see her so big and different now.

My sister said all mother's have a image like that. Her image of 20 year old son is of a fat smiling 3 month old in a Chicago bulls Jersey. My mom 's image of me was a 2 year old in pigtails and barbie sneakers. Which is why she was never able to see me as an adult. My last conversation before she died was her laying me out for being pregnant because at 25 I was "just a baby " myself.

But this got me thinking, are these mental images really true for all moms? If so what image do you have of your kids and how old are they really? Do you think mine will change as Michelle gets older?
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