I think u are right, maybe I should just get a no-poo or I will have to experiment a lot more with the DTs.

In the link u sent, Firefox, it says that hydrolyzed or at least small proteins is what u need to get the effect u want of absorbing or adsorbing. And wheat protein is too large to be useful. But in the book "live curly live free" it says that hydrolyzed and animal based are "stronger" types and that wheat and soy are "weaker" and choosing between these types should be done based on hair type.

Btw, I actually have the leave in conditioner mousse from the gliss volume series. Its got lots of hydrolyzed proteins too but also 3(I think) polyquats.
Density: low
Porosity: high and med
Width: fine and med

Current products:
Body shop rainforest radiance shampoo
Body shop rainforest volumising conditioner
Body shop rainforest coconut hair oil

DT: greek yoghurt and gelatine mix