Please share how you style it! Products, technique, etc. would be appreciated
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I either style it one of two ways, depending on how I'm feeling. If I'm feeling like I want straight hair, after I'm done shampooing and still have wet hair, I part my hair, use a wide tooth comb to spread coconut oil in it and then sleep with a knit cap all night. The knit cap keeps my hair close to my head and my hair dries pretty straight.

If I want my hair to dry with waves (like in the picture), after I'm done shampooing and when my hair is still wet, I part my hair with a wide tooth comb and use the comb to spread a little bit of gel into my hair. Then, I scrunch the front longer piece to create a wave and the front shorter piece. For the sides and back, I scrunch and touse (mostly touse).
2a wavy. acv is my friend. flax gelee weighs down my hair too much.

cleansers: giovanni, curls
conditioner: curls
styling: LA Looks sports gel