I know all about time poor

When I don't have time to shower I use a 3 step fix up:

1). If my roots a are a bit oily (I use quite a bit of coconut/ almond oil), I hit them up with some dry shampoo
2.) Wet down the length of my hair with rose water and a little ACV, I like this combo a lot because it smell heavenly and put s me in a good mood and it breaks up the previous days styling gunk.
3). Put in my styling product, and pixi dry depending on how much time I have.

All takes about 5-10 mins
Modified CG since 8/12
Hair: BSL, Thick, Low Porosity, Dense, 3A
HG's: Moogoo, Ultraorganics Intense Camomile Conditioner and Clear Henna Hair Wax, Sukin Conditioners, CO, Spray Bottle, Henna
Low-Poo: Moogoo Shampoo
Co-Wash: Sukin Nourishing Conditioner
LI: Sukin Moisture Restoring
Colour: Henna