i have completely had it with the problem co-worker.

her mother died unexpectedly last Saturday. she had been ill for a while and was in hospital for refusing to take her meds at her nursing home. a home she had refused to go to for years after suffering a stroke and being forced into a wheelchair.

i want to feel bad for co-worker, but she whined, moaned and complained about her mom so much; in some ways i think she is not going to have any life now that she does not have to dance attendance on her mother.

yesterday, i found out that she came into the office on Monday - on the Canada Day holiday. it seemed really strange to me, then something clicked in my head and i suggested to our financial admin that she check the phone records. she looked at the outgoing phone log on the phone on her desk, but it only records calls made on the main incoming line. problem co-worker uses the second line on that phone as her "desk number". check the computer records and there were a bunch of calls to Europe.

she also failed to leave an "out of office" message on her email, so people have been sending her things that are due today and should be done by me and one one of the managers...


i just don't get it...
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