I trimmed like 3 inches Wednesday and today I trimmed another two. Hair is a bit above BSL now. I thought I would be sad about losing the length but I'm not. It's sooooo thick!!! I freaking love it. Can't wait to get rid of the rest of the relaxed hair. I might chill with the trimming though (although this could be considered a mini-chop I guess). This length is good so I'll wait a couple of more months to trim again. I only have like 2-3 inches of relaxed hair left so I'm almost there :-D
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Congratulations! Oh, I'm so excited for when I finally can big chop! I see all these girls with thick, luxurious hair of different lengths, and I WANT it so bad--I know you're loving the thickness! For myself, I know I want my hair longer before I cut, so, deep breaths and more patience for me! Tomorrow I'll be a year!

@sakiohma I'm sorry you're having so much trouble Maybe your hair is breaking off and you're not realizing it. If you're manipulating it often, or adding heat, or...I dunno. I don't see how it's possible for a person's hair to literally not grow out of their head unless they have some sort of illness.
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