Yes but I don't think the mainstream does. The mainstream idealizes ironed waves. Go through YouTube. Most of the videos for wavies, I'm talking 90 percent, have you blow your hair straight and then curl it to look wavy. And products all use pictures of wavies that are Perfect. Silicone smooth and shiny. I can tell just by how my stylist does my hair after touch ups even though she knows I'm trying to emphasize the wave and she uses a diffuser, the irons and wands still come out as well as hairspray. She is interested in anything I show her but its clear natural wavy is not taught in beauty school. So in a way there is now more out there for curly than wavy.

And I don't know about anyone else but before i discovered the wavies here I thought I was crazy because unless I totally fry my hair into spirals with an iron I can't get my hair to "style" and even then it's wonky. I tried time and again to get "beachy waves" with a curling iron and it looked AWFUL. So even a weak wavy pattern fights wave placed upon it. Perms get screwed up because you always get over processed And in general since the flat iron came back into fashion that's the only recourse you have in the mainstream thinking just like curlies, only you feel fake about everything you try and do whether its go straight or go curly . Anyhow that's how I feel.
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