KLF wasn't too far off with the spinach and sweet potato thing. I found this:
Protein Rich Vegetables | Expert Clinic
Protein is important to your hair, but having a well rounded diet and exercising do a world of good for your whole body. I find that in my case, diet plays a huge role in my hair health. If I skip out on meals,eat crap, and forget my B-Complex vitamins I start shedding and my nails are flakey.
Water!!!! All day erreedayy!
Keeping my stress in check! So important! Stress is like a monster to my body. My body shows stress easily so I go running or hang out with my best friend to relieve the stress
Sleep! Sleep! Sleep!
Basically taking care of my body and treating it with respect keeps my hair from breaking and falling out.
I am not a specialist, these are just things that help me