When you say a special process for 3c types, what do you mean? I didn't know that tying hair back was different for different hair textures. I'd have thought hair density might affect the method that someone uses but not texture. What did you do differently to what you found on YouTube? Just interested coz I also have 3c hair and puffs are a good move on bad hair days. :/
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I'm somewhat new to this, but, what I meant was, I was looking for the most effective method at doing this for our hair type. I know that different hair types are handled different ways, so that's where I was going. I.E. 3b is easier to tie than 3c, and 3c is easier than 4a and so on.

I got my hair saturated with water, combed through it to help get all the hair facing one way, then rubbed olive cream on it and brushed it in so that I could get some shine with the waves in it. Then I put a hair cover called a Tsurag over it to lay the top down, but let the back stick up instead of having pressure on it, so the strap was loose in the back. Then I woke up, front was smoothly laid down, wavy and somewhat shiny. I slipped on my hair band and it helped to separate and hold the back while I styled. Then I simply applied some curl enhancing cream to the back and picked it out a bit. What you see is the finished product