Plasmas used to have an issue with images burning in the screen. Not so much anymore and most have a white wash feature if you do get some burning.

Still a much better picture then LCD.

If you're a big movie/sports watcher, LED is a fantastic picture. A little pricier though if your just watching regular TV.
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Thnx! So you believe plasma is a good investment now?
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Totally!!! I got my Dad a 50" for Christmas and the picture still amazes me compared to my LCD.

Keep in mind though, that BluRay and HDMI make a HUGE difference. Stores will set up their pricier TVs with those so they look best. Easy to recreate that picture at home

The only down falls for a plasma are the glass screen. If you're a day time TV watcher, in a sunny room the glare can be annoying and if you have kids prone to throwing things, you can shatter the screen where the others may just scratch.
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