I still describe my daughter as blond, which she hasn't been for ages, so my mental image needs updating.

When I think of "S" I think of her three years old wearing her orange Tom and Jerry tee shirt, running away laughing, long blond hair flying - at bedtime in our old house. She's now seven, she stopped being able to run shortly after that, and that tee shirt wouldn't stand a chance. But that's what I think of...the tee shirt, running away, and that giggle. At least she still has the giggle

ETA - I just realized that sounds a lot more tragic than I intended to. She developed a movement disorder around 3.5 and started having trouble walking. She's on meds now, walks unassisted and is generally leading a happy, normal life. Takes karate, swim, etc. At the time, right after that when it started, I was DESTROYED, which is why I think THAT image sticks with me. It's the last mental image (our bedtime ritual) before things turned upside down for a while.

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