Now I'm confused, because the gelatin PT directions say to leave on as well as the little as 3 minutes. I did that and saw a big difference in my hair.
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Don't be confused! Note that Curlyinthefog and I both used the word 'may'.

You won't get much if any aBsorption in that time, but you might well get aDsorption, how much highly variable due to the differences in our hair. My hair eats protein at the moment, but I do have chemical treated/ damaged hair so that is not surprising. No doubt some would be quickly overproteined with the same regime.

Furthermore gelatin is not a homogenous substance, some brands will be smaller and some larger molecules. There will also be variation in the recipes used: which conditioner, how much of the additives, how thick or thin we spread the mix and so on. Some will be applying after an anionic shampoo, some after a cationic conditioner wash ....
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