Hi beautiful curlies!

I'm brand new to the curly girl method and have been completely curly for years (no straigtening) but had somehow never heard of not using sulfates and silicones!

Anyway, I started researching after feeling frustrated with my lackluster curls and frizz. I really want to get started with the curly girl method, but need help with some beginners products.

I am strapped for money, so I would prefer to find drugstore products. I currently use LA Looks Gel Wet Look, and it has been my go to gel for years, so I hope I can still use it (I think I can!), but am wondering about co-washes and conditioners. And do I need a Leave-in?

Also, wondering about hair type...I think it's a 2C or 3A. What do you think?

Thanks ladies! Hope you can help me make my curls more beautiful!
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