I, personally, would have all the damage cut off and start fresh, however I've never had hair so damaged that more than 3 inches needed removal.

I agree to cut off the worst of the damage. If your hair loves protein, do those weekly and always, always, always DT after. I love the Shea Moisture products. They are all natural and the DT masque is really heavy and rich, which is what I like.

Limit your use of heat. Heat isn't always bad if used in moderation. I use my dryer for PTs and DTs so they can penetrate the hair. But it's on the lowest setting, always a few inches from my hair, and constantly moving.

As your hair grows, keep cutting off the damage. It will never grow to its full potential if you leave it. As time goes, your hair will get healthier and become much more manageable. Right nos, it just needs a lot of patience, understanding, and TLC from you!

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