My first question to you is, what are your properties?? Here's a link to help Curly Hair Basics | Live Curly Live Free I,personally, can't use mineral oil. Don't know if that's a low porosity thing, or not.

Not sure why a 16 oz product would only last you 3 uses?? Do you have a ton of waist length hair?? You should apply product to damp hair, at the very least. That way it will distribute better.
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Normal porosity, med-fine strands, medium density.

I was quite shocked myself because I get up to 4 uses out of the Bee mine 8oz deep conditioner. I noticed my hair has a lot more volume now but it's only neck length. I applied it after cleansing and blotting out the excess water so my hair was wet. I did make sure to coat each strand.

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