So I went natural about a year and a half ago and my hair grows like a weed, so I have hair now past my shoulders, relaxer free. I guess it's 3b/3c.

Different products have different effects. I find some give me that sleek, defined look, but takes out a lot of the volume I like. When there is a little frizz, my hair gets great fullness and volume.

I see on these boards that most people have a mission of attaining this textbook perfect frizz free curls and to me, it just seems really exhausting (I guess I am just lazy). Are there any people here who like a little frizz in their hair? Am I crazy for feeling this way? Are people giving me the side eye unbeknownst to me, like "girl, get some gel in your hair!" I like a little poof and frizz, I think my hair looks boring without it.

Note: I think people with perfect frizz free hair look fab, I just think I like my hair a little crazy and large and I am wondering who else out there feels the same way about their frizz? Below are some pics with various degrees of poof and frizz.