Mineral oil is incapable of penetrating and may build up if you don't shampoo. It's a cheap ingredient. Why don't you make your own deep conditioner with a basic conditioner plus coconut, olive or avocado or argan oil? You can add honey or sugar syrup as a humectant if it suits your climate.

The actives in the Curly Kinks renew are likely the panthenol and the glycerin, maybe some of the slippy film formers much like in Kinky Curly Knot Today. Only the panthenol will penetrate, given that I wonder how that would work as a leave in or with a much thinner layer used as a deep conditioner? Agree with KathyMack, that is a whole lot of conditioner per use.
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I thought olive oil, long with coconut and avocado oil, penetrated.