What is your full routine at present?

I think it looks pretty, but if you don't like it you need better clumping, which means way more leave in conditioner (especially containing fatty alcohols) and/ or way more styling cream, maybe make your gel into something like an Ecostyler custard by adding oil. Try doubling what you use at present and see how that works. Also be sure everything is around pH 4.5 to 5.5 and you avoid all anionic surfactants not just sulphates which alter the charge on the hair and can contribute to frizz.

Be sure to consider your dew points/ humidity and hair properties when choosing products: humectants such as glycerin in very high or low dews can give frizz, porous hair may need a lot of coconut oil to make it less porous.
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These days I've been conditioning with Herbal Essences Hello Hydration (mostly because it's cheap and I use so much.) I use handfuls on handfuls on handfuls of conditioner. -I know it has cones in it. I tried to go completely silicone free a few years back, but I actually missed the slip/fake hydration that cones gave me.
I partially rinse the conditioner out, scrunch out some water with a t-shirt, seal with coconut oil and then HESMU gel on top.

I'm actually not sure about my porosity, because it seems to absorb everything I throw at it, but then it takes days to dry. Could I really mix oil and gel together?
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Avoiding humectants and protein!