I do deep condition every now and then, usually with olive oil and honey. I tend to stay away from protein though because it seems like it dries my hair.

Thanks for the recommendations! Some questions: how can you tell what pH a product is at? And which alcohols are considered fatty? I'm willing to try going cone-free again, I'm just pretty uneducated. Just bought AOHR conditioner to get started.
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Try weekly overnight coconut oil soaks to reduce your porosity since you have it to hand. The lauric acid is a smaller molecule than the oleic acid in olive oil so will penetrate better, it's also associated with increased elasticity and is more 'slippy' which can help with clumping.

Some companies advertise the pH (eg. Komaza Care, As I Am, Dermorganic are 4.5 to 5.5), some are listed on the Natural Haven blog, otherwise purchase some pH test strips. Note that oils don't have a pH only water based products. All conditioners should be slightly acidic but there is a lot of variation
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Fatty alcohols are listed in the 'curl chemist' articles here on NC, the whole series is worth a read
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WOW thank you so much for this wealth of information! I'm so determined to find the right products/methods now.
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Avoiding humectants and protein!