Yes I meant the okra gel - so here's what I did today. I washed last night and left a lot of CJ repair me in overnight.. knowing I'd have to rewet this morning anyway. I rinsed - bur really there wasnt "too much" CJ in my hair - it felt nice this morning. I rinsed and supersoaked my hair, then raked in "snot-like" okra. I watered it down a little .. haha. I put a bunch in. then my LAL gel over it. It looks fine today, but feels kind of weighed down.I guess I don't know what I am supposed to notice. I think I like it, but maybe not enough to go through the trouble of making it.. I think I get similar or maybe better results with some other things. I do like that it is home made and natural - I'm just feeling too lazy these days! lol. I still have enough for one more application - I might stick it in the freezer and try it when the weather cools off - just for fun. Do you think that 3-4 months in the freezer is too long?
3A/2C fine, normal porosity & elasticity, medium high density

Current products:
YTCucs Color Protection Low poo
GVP Conditioning Balm
Random gels - not sure which ones I like, if any at this point!

HG Summer Routine:
poo - TMW Hydrate
RO & LI - Darcy's Pumpkin Seed
Leave in Products: CHSCK & LALMG

Currently trying to figure out a winter routine and transition to a less harsh "poo" for summer.