Hallo deutsche curlies!

Can we also talk about where everyone gets their hair cut? I live in Berlin and tried a place in Pankow with the CurlSys method 2 weeks ago.
The cut seemed very rigid and non-personalized, she sectioned it as if it were a straight haircut, cut it wet, pulled everything straight as she cut it, didn't look at the natural divisions of curls (just took sections of all the same size). Then she cut a big curve into the bottom of each section.

She did NOT know how to diffuse my hair, she ran her fingers through it the whole time so I had a Pusteblume on my head when she was done. (Then she nervously smiled and said, "It still stays behind your ears.") I actually requested her to thin it because I was so worried about triangle-head when I saw my reflection. It looks pretty good now with my own products, but from what I am reading against thinning shears, I basically asked the stylist to give me frizz. Even though my curls are looking good, I'm not sure how much was the haircut, how much is finally finding my hair's favorite products, and how much is the weather!

So, the quest continues - do I try my next cut at the other Curl Sys place in Berlin, or do you know somewhere secret and magical?