I'm finding the advice on this thread really useful. If you were repeating the process the next few times - would you still do the clarifying each time, and the ACV?
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This is a good question. Not everyone's hair reacts the same to frequent clarifying shampoo or ACV rinses. Just in case you also have a problem w/buildup, you can continue to clarify as long as you do a DC afterward. It's probably okay to do a few ACV rinses back to back as long as they are mild (approx. ratio: 1 or 2 tbsp. ACV to 1 cup water). Not only will this close the cuticles for more definition and shine, but it will help correct the pH balance if there is an imbalance. I have hard water, so ACVs help counteract the alkaline nature of my shower water.

... But like all things hair, it's about finding balance. Your hair will let you know if you are going too far in the direction of too much conditioner, too much protein or too much ACV. Once your hair seems normal again, I would cut back on the frequent ACV rinses, intense DCs and intense PTs (unless your hair starts "telling" you to go back to it).

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