I never tired CD, but I just looked at some of the ingredients in one of the conditioners and it seems that they use silicones- not sure if they are water soluble or not. SM, does not contain any silicones in any of their products; however, I noticed a lot of their products really act as more sealants than moisturizers since they mostly contain shea butter.

CD seems expensive- and if it is going to contain silicones (water soluble or not) it shouldn't be that expensive IMO. You can find other products, not even just SM, that don't contain harsh ingredients, but actual nourishing ingredients for cheaper. I am all about being cost effective (who isn't right?) but I used to buy whatever seemed expensive- because I figured the more expensive, the better. No, not true at all I have learned!
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As ingredients go, silicones are not actually that cheap that is why they are not in many of the cheapest conditioners. This is more evident in the UK where every supermarket and drugstore have an own brand silicone free 'family' conditioner for cheap.

Nor is shea butter especially 'nourishing' for hair because it doesn't penetrate that well, it's much more appropriate for skin. Silicones have to be made in a pricey facility with pricey equipment, shea butter can be made in a cottage industry format (cheap labour in Africa) using the most basic of equipment - I do wonder how cheaply the lower grades can be sourced in bulk.

Similarly I am quite sure the reason wheat protein crops up regularly in haircare is that it's a cheap by product (waste) from the human food industry. It's certainly why it's used so freely in cat and dog food despite the fact that felines are obligate carnivores (must eat meat).
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I see what you are saying- makes sense why some of Suave and V05 don't carry silicones. Furthermore, I do find it good to know what is in the ingredients since then you know you won't be paying for something that something else possibly cheaper could do.
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