I would also get upset when I watched people who worked all their lives, or as long as they could, not be able to get disability, when they honestly were disabled. They had to fight for years, and years, and years. Many were in their 60's-70's. And I watched my 19 year old former classmate get it on her first attempt. She never worked a day in her life, and her "disability" was laziness. She was a pill junkie, and she laid on her butt popping pills all day. *12 Darvocet, and a hand full of Valium a day was her normal, and when she ran out, she would ask others to get an Rx for ner* It blew my mind. Top priority should be those who truly can't do.
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Yes, this, too. I have a chronic illness that leaves many disabled and unable to work and they have to fight to get help, then I see others like you described above.

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It is incredibly frustrating. I don't know what you do to fix a system that has been broken for so long or to break the cycle of system abusers. That is common in my area. People who need help either refuse to ask, or refuse to leave. Last ETA: I've mentioned the well documented "Mountain Pride" here before, in terms of benefits. The not asking is well engrained in many of us. It's viewed as a part of our heritage. You don't take unless you can give back, be it ever so small. It's a great thing, but also a stubborn thing ** Grandparents, their children, their children, and you can guarantee their children will live off the system as well. It's a dependency. I know the job market is in shambles right now. I want, more than anything, to see more jobs being created. Even if they were, I still know many people would not even bother. While I am grateful that we have benefits, and that people who really need them can get them, I in no way think people who are able to provide for themselves should live off of them. Especially when people who work full time honestly need some temporary assistance, or have reached a point where they can no longer work, can't get help. That's like nails on a chalk board to me. Really infuriating that people would be better off quitting their job or reducing hours to under 30 a week. It's like locking someone up because they didn't pay child support, and not letting them out for work release. You'll never get ahead.

When it comes to the phone thing... You have a right to be able to call 911 during an emergency. That is why disconnected home and cell phones still have that ability, but... Other than that, it's not an entitlement. Eeeeeeeeeee.
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??

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