My hubby would be, "What's 3b? What's a ringlet? What are you talking about? Where's the remote?"

This is the same man a few years ago:

Hubs (watching Pantene commercial, model with totally straight, flowing hair): Why don't you make your hair look like that?

Me (flabbergasted): Wha...? I, uh, I, you know how much it would cost?

Hubs (cheapskate): Oh, well, never mind then!
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Uh-huh, I can so see that! And why don't our hubbies look like Cary Grant and earn like Donald Trump? Ohhhh, because they're not MADE that way!!
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Lol, the fastest way to talk hubby out of anything is to tell him how much it would cost. He actually will spend money to buy quality, when he does spend it--he just almost never buys anything. He has boots he bought in 1984. I am not kidding. He was moaning the other day about how one of them finally developed a hole. After almost 30 years!
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(-_____-) ... HAHA!

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