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BB and CC creams are not the same as foundation. They may be closer to light coverage foundation, but they are really tinted moisturizers. If I am remembering correctly: CC is better for people with dry skin, and it also helps blur any imperfections, like mild redness or uneven skin tone. BB works better for people with combination skin, and it does not have the same blurring as the CC. Honestly, I would opt for a good tinted moisturizer, but I have no idea who makes the best of those now. Clinique had a great one, and that is what I wore, as opposed to full foundation, for many years. It blended well, and was nice and light. They now just have a CC cream that is a pain to work with. You have to let it sit on your face for a while, and then finish blending. It doesn't work in well. Physicians Formula has a drug store tinted moisturizer that works well, but it smells (strongly) of mens shaving cream. Yuck

A light coverage mineral powder foundation may also be a good option.

No need to be scared of eye shadow. You can start out with lightly tinted creams, all over the lid. There are tons of make up tutorials on YouTube for makeup application. Just watch and practice.
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