The two flatscreens I have are LED and aren't huge. But when my current dinosaur in the family room dies, I was planning to replace it w/ a 70 inch over the mantle. It's tacky, I know, but it's just the family room, not the living room. If I invest in something like that, I want to get the best value for my money (quality/price=value).
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Absolutely! If I went with the plasma (which was a pioneer and is the best plasma brand) I was going to get a 60". I kept looking at it, and kept looking at the Samsung right beside it, which was 55". I had read up on both brands, with Samsung being the leading LED. My living room is not small, but it's not huge either, and everything kept pointing toward the 55" Samsung. It looked beautiful, and the size was a bit better for my area. I probably spent 45 minutes standing in front of them, looking like I was watching tennis.

Also, the Samsung is the active shutter stereoscopic 3D that gives the impression of depth and things coming at you, and the Plasma is full on flying toward your face. I love both, but I decided to go with the mix

Upgrading from a 36", the 55" seems massive to me.

ETA: When it comes time to buy, there are a blue million really helpful tech forums.
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