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The protein content of spinach varies depending on the type of spinach and its preparation method. A single cup of raw regular spinach and New Zealand spinach contains 1 g of protein, while raw mustard spinach contains 3.3 g, according to Calorie Lab. Cooked Malabar spinach contains 3.1 g of protein per cup and cooked New Zealand spinach contains 2.3 g. Frozen and canned regular spinach contain the highest amount of protein, with cooked frozen spinach providing 7.6 g of protein and canned spinach containing 6 g of protein per cup.

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He does say that the protein from spinach is not complete and that other sources with all the aminos are a better source of protein.

And she never said sweet potatoes for protein, sh sair sweet potatoes for beta carotene.
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Live Strong is a poor quality reference and littered with inaccuracies, I studied this stuff at degree level and am qualified/ registered with my professional body to give nutritional advice. It's nonsensical to claim such a precise amount of protein in milligrams when you are measuring by volume. Cups are not a reproduceable measurement because you can pack them tighter or looser, and you cannot accurately compare a cup of one food to a cup of another food because the weight will be different.

Spinach is simply not considered a rich source of protein: ask any registered dietician/ degree qualified nutritionist/ lifestyle healthcare professional or use a trustworthy scientific source like a nutrition/ dietetics textbook (should measure the amount by weight not volume) or USDA reference data. All your reference demonstrates is that there is some protein in spinach, not that it is a rich source as claimed in the OP. Raw spinach is ~3% protein by weight, in contrast eggs are ~13%, chicken breast ~24%, almonds ~22%.

Sorry but she clearly said potatoes for protein: you didn't see the original post which has since been edited (adding both 'sweet' and 'beta carotene') but remains ambiguous in its wording.
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