I'm pretty sure I f****d myself over with my last henna concoction. Long story short: I had 4 inches of new growth and wanted it a lighter shade than the rest of my already hennaed hair. I had already added Suave Coconut Conditioner and amla to my mix when I realized it was much too runny - runnier than when I did my strand test. So I added some Knox pectin and a large box of gelatin instant jello mix to thicken it up.

I think it was protein overload that did me in (protein in the conditioner, pectin and gelatin). Plus, henna already mimics protein. Of course the amla only dried me out more. On top of all that, I was using protein-heavy hair products for regular routine after that. My hair looked and felt trashed. Straight, straw-like and fly-away. Took weeks of DC rehab and pampering and it's just now looking more or less normal At first, it took a minute to even figure out why my hair had changed. I was too panicked to think straight. The change in texture was so weird, so different that I forgot about the henna mix and thought it was hormones, gray hairs suddenly changing texture, hard water problems or hidden cones. I thought it might even be time to cut all my hair off and hit reset. Saying all this in case someone has a bad reaction after a henna mixture - that it could be something added to the henna.

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