How are her parents reacting to this? How are they, in general? Are they kind to her? Did she ever mention that she had tried to talk to them about the issues she's dealing with? Are they the kind of ppl who will be committed to getting her the help she needs or are they the type to want to sweep this incident under the rug to avoid further "embarrassment?"
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This sounds awful, but her parents are just stupid. They kicked her out last summer, they always call her fat and her dad hits her. I've offered for her to come live with me or tell somebody, but she doesn't want to leave her younger brothers alone in the house or have them split up do to the foster care system. When her cousin called and eventually took her to the hospital when they found out, her parents asked her cousin if they should ground her for overdosing and trying to kill herself. I definitely think they won't be good for her once she gets home, I think they will ridicule her because they don't understand. I honestly don't think it was them that wanted her to go to the mental hospital. I'm just worried.
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