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We have our TV for about 18 mos now. This is our main TV so it is on alot. We have not had an issue with burn-in at all.
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Okay, I looked at it on CNET and it has
the louver filter, which makes it one of the best for bright room performance. That's handy info for anyone looking. I really am glad they keep progressing the Plasma's. Surprisingly, the store I went to had no Samsung plasmas for sale, period. Just Panasonic, and I read every last detail on those. The cheapest model (ST series) was said to have the best pic, period, but like I said it had issues with bright room performance. I could not see paying thousands more for one of the newer models that had a slightly lower quality picture, and only slightly better bright room performance. Just not worth it, for me. From what I heard Panasonic is continuously working on upgrading the bright room situation, and eliminating any chance of an image burning in. Really, with all the stupid logo's, that's a necessary. They drive me insane. I already know what channel I am watching, and if i don't, I can hit info! Get that thing off the tv!

I hope this Samsung lasts a long time. I am very happy with it, and loved that it came with 4 pairs of glasses. At $20 each, that was a good deal. When the time for the next upgrade comes, I will see what other advances have been made.
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