On the shea butter topic, I did consider that the last two times I washed. I could feel a little stiffness in some parts of my hair which tells me that there was some build up. Obviously I can fix that with a low-poo, but I suppose I could also start reducing it in my routine so.... apparently I need to do some shopping! Ahhh yes, I have been waiting for this!

I have been ogling the Spiral Solutions Repairing PT, but have not wanted to go overboard on protein until I was more confident that my hair was craving it. I like this product because not only does it have a bunch of hydrolized proteins, but it also has a good amount of cationic surfactants and fatty alcohols so I can get a nice DT along with a good shot of protein at the same time. Thoughts on this?

I also need a tub of my regular DT so combined, I should need to purchase one more product to hit the magical $50 for free shipping. How should I spend the rest of my $10 at curlmart? I think I should start with a new RO since I am 100% sure that my great hair is coming from the SM condish mixed with KCKT. I also won't feel so bad getting a new RO since I will still use the SM RO as a LI. Thoughts on a new RO? This will be one step forward in reducing the shea in my routine.
Type 2B - 3A
Med-High Porosity (partial highlights), medium & corse mixed textures

CG Day 1: May 16, 2013

Poo: CJ Daily Fix Cleansing Condish (as needed)
CO: Tresemme Naturals Vibrantly Smooth Condish
RO&LI: CJ Beauticurls Argan & Olive Oil Daily Hair Condish
Styling: CJ Pattern Pusha or FSG, TRESemme Flawless Curls - Bouncy Curls Defining Gel, Giovanni LANaturals HardHold Gel (canopy only)
DT: CJ Curl Rehab, Coconut oil, SS Repairing PT

Techniques: Scrunch-n-pump, tshirt wrap