"In that case my gut instinct would be that the coconut oil rather than the protein is making the main difference, since you are leaving that in long enough to penetrate. You can also do hydrolysed protein treatments overnight instead of using heat if that suits time wise."

I don't think that this is necessarily true. I've done IAgirl's PT and left it on for only 5 minutes to very good results. We've had this discussion before. You pointed out that according to Natural Haven, there is aDsorption and not as much if any absorption in a PT that isn't left on very long. This may be true, but the aDsorption may still be helping her, as it helps me as well and others.

When I do coconut DTs on the other hand, the effect lasts for a long time, as it should because according to multiple posts you've written, it can really penetrate the shaft which makes it such a wonderful ingredient. It makes more sense to me that her hair is getting frizzy in between PTs and not coconut oil DTs. It is much easier to lose protein (especially aDsorbed protein) than it is to lose the effects of coconut oil. The effects of a coconut oil DT should definitely last longer than 5 days. Proteins on the other hand can wash out with each cleansing session.
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No we have not "discussed this", you haven't read my comments properly and then disputed, in fact much of what you have said here agrees with my previous posts on the topic!

I have clearly stated the protein is unlikely to penetrate or aBsorb into the cortex, to me that makes it not acting as a deep treatment. That is my gut instinct or semi educated opinion based on the studies using much longer time scales and knowing that diffusion is a slow process and even temporary bonding is not instantaneous.

I have never suggested there are no benefits to or no results from from using hydrolysed protein as a superficial agent, indeed I use it myself in both my leave in conditioners. As you acknowledge at best that is protein aDsorbing or acting as a film former, not proof that it has penetrated.

As I understand it, if very short processing times are using the protein will simply lay on to the surface, not bond to the hair and wash away easily at the next wash. The deep treatment can very easily shift protein that is not bonded to the hair, yet it seems to be after both the protein and the oil treatment that the OP reports the improvements.

If longer processing times are used or some heat or the product is allowed to dry hydrolysed protein can form temporary bonds that will endure through a number of washes, if even longer processing times are used hydrolysed protein can slowly diffuses right into the cortex. Much of this is dependent on the damage to and porosity of the hair, the level of aDsorption and aBsorption won't be the same for all.

A modest amount of protein used at each of a number of successive washes can accumulate to give progressively 'better' results, but again this is not what the OP is doing. Some of the benefits of coconut oil can also last one or two washes, any remaining fatty acids which are coating the surface and encouraging capillary adhesion or clumping or frizz reduction.

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