I have been putting acrylic on mine for 22 yrs. I usually do it myself and it's second nature now. I keep the length short (but I don't have to; I could wear them at any length and in any shape) and my polish always looks good.

Back in high school I made this discovery of putting a few drops of KrazyGlue (not SuperGlue) in a bottle of clear nail polish and it made my nails rock hard and they grew to ridiculous lengths in no time. But then I ran out of the clear polish I'd been using, wrongly assumed any clear polish would work (it doesn't) and never experienced the same level of success w/ it. And eventually I discovered acrylic and never looked back.

Yeah, my nails were eggshells, too so I don't care that I have weakened them w/ the acrylic...they were already weak.

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