We have a Pioneer plasma tv that we got 5 years ago. We haven't had any problems with burn-in and it's still going strong. The minute we saw it in the store, we knew we had to have it, the picture was that good.

We also have two Samsung LEDs. We have two because hubby bought one for his apartment where he works. After just over a year (of course it was after the warranty ran out) the screen went black and the idiots at Best Buy said it would cost more to repair than to just buy a new one. For whatever reason, hubby bought another Samsung. On a whim, he took the first tv to a regular tv repair place just to see what they would say. They replaced a part and fixed it for $100.
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^ That is good to know, and lucky!! The way they build most flat screens now, it would cost as much as the tv itself to repair it. But that's true with many electronics and appliances. They are not made to last.

Mrs. P & Curly66, just out of curiosity, did you break yours in? I read a great deal of debates on that. Because the image retention problem has been reduced, and most logo's (or what have you) will not remain on your screen for more than a day or two (if it does happen), it seems like many skip that step. I know it's still recommended by tech forums, and manufacturers. It can add years to the life of your tv, if nothing else, especially if you use the color burn images. They wear each pixel evenly, and help to reduce any future dead areas.

I'm glad they have worked on that. Curly66, does yours have a glass screen? I heard they were working on that technology too. Some have a setting for bright rooms that help a bit with the issue, and some do not. *The one I looked at was was said to have a substandard BR setting, still had issues with glare, and was better in a darker room but the 2 (much) more expensive models after it had the full setting and only one other difference that really doesn't make a difference . Ah! TV research* They were also working on screen material. I'm glad they did/are. Plasmas would not have had a chance if they didn't fix some bugs.
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