This, I think is just really ****ty! It was done to me not that long ago and there is no excuse for it.

Emotional breakdown my ass. And I rarely throw around "selfish" to describe depressed and suicidal ppl. But that type of behavior is just rotten and borderline abusive.
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This is where I get to when I get angry - like I mentioned in the above post. If I didn't know my friend's past so well and know how messed up it was, I might not feel empathy, but I do and I am somewhat surprised that she is still here.
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Well, you know the details and I don't. But I would think even the most disturbed person would occasionally have a somewhat lucid moment and say, "gosh, I feel bad that she is so worried. Let me at least shoot her a text and tell her I'm alive and plugging along."

You are a better friend than I am bc I would have grown too frustrated w/ that crap and left her alone...hmmmmm about two years ago.
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I definitely get to that sometimes, but after awhile something reminds me of all the good times and I try. What can I say...

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