I should have known better than to have a large glass of caffeine and go to the store after work. Wired. At least my shopping is done, and I was alert enough to drive.

Mini Rant:
How did I somehow miss the news/debate over people on public assistance being entitled to free cell phones a couple years ago? #1. I hate the word "entitled", with a passion, which is bad for me because it's thrown around all the time now. I'm sorry, but no you are not entitled to free cell phones because they provide peace of mind, and everyone is entitled to peace of mind. If that were true... I don't know what people expect, aside from everything. The US debt total is stomach turning yet more bleepty bleep is added on, for everyone else to pick up, every day. I doubt I will see what I have been paying into... the social security or retirement benefits my parents did, if at all, but enjoy your free phone as others enjoy their pay checks continuously reducing. * 4 Billion Dollars in 2011.

Don't get me wrong, I am glad assistance is there for people who need it. I think many programs are fantastic, but last time i checked a cell phone does not feed, keep you warm, or put clothes on your back.
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When I rant about this, I am always the bad guy. The response I get is that rich ppl get more assistance and that bashing the "welfare queens" is racist and elitist. No, it's not. I totally support public assistance programs that make sense and that channel resources to those who really need them. I want such ppl to receive larger amounts of help. But some of this is ridiculous bc the "need" really isn't there when you are living w/ your bf and he is also supporting you financially. Taxpayers pay for all the necessities (and your cellphone), and the bf springs for all the extras like The Dish, the luxury cars, the hair and nail appts, the to-die-for furniture, the nice clothes, all the electronics, vacations, parties, etc. It's very frustrating! Man up, marry this woman or at least acknowledge that you live with her, so the largely unneeded benefits she receives can be directed elsewhere. These women are raking in sometimes as much as $2500 worth of benefits/month and are living w/ a SO who is bringing in his own income that they don't declare. And meanwhile, ppl truly in need are going hungry and doing w/o meds and basic necessities.

Saying this is not racist; ppl of all ethnicities do this.
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^ Yes they do! 99.9% of the people that I know who do it are white. I too don't have any problems with programs that keep people from going hungry, able to feed their family, stay warm in the winter, etc. It is a sad fact that several do take complete advantage of the system, and take away from those who really do need it. I can't see a cell phone as an entitlement. Most people let their cell phone and cable go when they are having a hard financial time, because it's a luxury. You're not out there driving a $70,000 dollar car, carrying a coach bag, while starving to death.

You sell that car, get a used something that runs, but the bag on ebay, and do what you can.

ETA: I've read some articles about how television shapes the stereotypes for people on welfare, etc. That may be true for some. I've never thought it was primarily one ethnicity or gender or ... What shaped me was getting off the bus at DSS (on and off, many times, from 6th-11th grade). I stayed out in the parking lot, most of the time. In my town, men were always the worst to walk out with food stamps (when they had the paper coupons) and sell them. People would be waiting out in the parking lot for them. I know 2 of them were the biggest pot suppliers in town. I over heard a great deal of stuff, for many years, and watched enough stuff happen in front of me to form my opinions AND what I saw/heard from some is also why I still support and think highly of several programs.
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??

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