I'm mad.

(and yes, I realize it's a "First World Problem")

I work for a school district and next week I'll be done for the summer. Usually this is about 4 weeks off, sometimes a bit more. The new duty schedules came out today and it's only 3 weeks. I'm really mad.

That last week I'm off I'll be in court (a family member was murdered last year and the trial begins the first week of August) - I was really hoping I'd have some decompression time after the trial before I have to show up back at work (I think it'll be a relatively short trial, not that I know much about such things, but there is only one possible suspect and all evidence supports that).

I was really looking forward to my time off and now I'm just pissed.
And, yes, I realize that I'm lucky to get the time off that I do get, but also I don't get "vacation days" so all of my off time is on the calendar provided for me, and now I'm shorted a week. GRRRRRR

and in a few hours, I'll be excited that I will be off for the time I get, but right now GGRRRRRR
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Oh, bleep "First World Problems". You're allowed to be upset when shorted a week at work. I am sure you were counting on that time to decompress.

I am sorry about your family member, Perri.


Good article.


Not that many of us can help what is going on. Many didn't vote for these people, and we had no control over secret sessions and bills being snuck through. As I read over everything I only saw one item on the list that didn't piss me off. I've had to show ID to get another ID, a diploma, checks cashed, beer, an account at a video store, etc. It won't kill me to show it when I vote. Other than that, get out of my face. My friends who teach have been so upset.
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One of the problems with ID laws is many places have changed the requirements to get an ID. It's a lot harder than it used to be. A lot of people don't have the required documents. For instance, if your birth certificate doesn't meet new requirements then it won't count as proof of citizenship.
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Interesting. I just looked that up. Went into effect in 2011. That is all the stuff on my BC from 1975, and have kept mine under lock and key, but I do see where they would be an issue for many others, and for different reasons.

Did they change something with obtaining a copy too? One of BF's friends was saying he could not get a copy of his BC, to get a new ID. It was all stolen from his car as he was moving to another state. *His mom couldn't get the copy for him, I should say. He moved back home. Idk if that was true or not. He has some problems and comes up with sob stories in an attempt to get more $$ from people. I thought that was strange because as far as I know your parents can or could apply for copy.
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??

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