I'm 2A-B depending on the day and I've always aimed for clumps because I thought the only other option was stringy hair.

Today I had my first Deva cut (which was awesome btw) and I was explaining my hair woes to the stylist. The stylist was asking what my goals are, what I usually do, etc and I explained that I try to encourage clumps but that they never turn out quite right.

She told me that she thinks clumping generally works best on curls and that often if wavies try to clump too much it can look like wavy hair that is trying to be curly. She said that curly hair clumps into nice chunky ringlets but waves sometimes clump into just thick sections of slightly waved hair. That was exactly what I'd been experiencing!

So she went about styling my hair and said that as a loose wavy I should aim for softness and volume. At the end, I had nice big beachy waves that were neither clumpy nor stringy. Just lovely, soft, natural waves.

I must say I've never aimed for that but I think I strongly prefer it. Anyone else find this to be true?
2A/B. Mix of fine, medium, and coarse (mostly medium). Dense. Mix of normal and high porosity.
Dry climate.