Hey everyone! My name's Desiree and I have not logged on on this website because I was too lazy to do so. xD
Not so much of a newbie but anyways, I have made a HUGE mistake in my life using a blow-dryer with a flat shape cone thingy for straightening and styling my hair; this in which began in middle school. Oh how I regret doing so. I even got irked at a point just trying to have a cute style and stopped doing so. But that didn't stop me from there. Nope. I still used it only for the sole purpose of having my hair straight.
But some how, I thought enough was enough and began to leave it some what natural (still using a blow-dryer to make it semi-flat). Can't really remember what made me stop doing this horrific routine, but I do remember that I went curious for curls and found this website. Very useful and informal! I love it so much as I found out that I have a mixture of 3B (bottoms layer) and 2C for the rest.
I got this adorable haircut (from a lady who doesn't know curly hair, ironic huh?) and now my hair is from waist-length to armpit length. I was so nervous at first getting those scissors cutting my hair, but now I'm glad. I'm wanting to do a co-wash/no-poo, but I have to find something first to do so (and get my mom's approval to go right ahead). xD

>sorry for this long post everybody xD
Hey there!
HUGE mistake w/ blow-dryer for a straight & stylish look. Went natural when I got irked w/ routine.
> went curious for curls & found this site to be very useful.
> I am a combo of 3B & 2C

Fresh-new haircut: 07/10/13
(some frizzies here & there. But no more split-ends! )
Products I use:
>TRESemme Flawless curls Curl Hydration Shampoo & Conditoner
>L`Oreal EverCurl Sculpt & Hold Cream Gel
>Curls goddess curls