I actually mix my DT with equal parts coconut oil and thought I could easily add some of that protein to it
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You can add some protein to the DT. I would maybe recommend keeping your PTs and DTs separate, at least for now uI figurentil you're learning what benefits your hair and what your hair can tolerate.

Otherwise if you put protein in your DTs and lots of oils/conditioner in your PTs then they're not "true" DTs or PTs and you won't know what is really doing what, if that makes sense. It's helpful to have a different focus/concept for DT and PT, at least at first.
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I figure that once I get the SS PT that I will do that once weekly and a separate DT once weekly. Really probably every 5ish days or whatever works with my hair/work/workout schedule. This is just a quick fix until I get my new products in the mail. I got the trial size bottle which is about 1oz and I used maybe a quarter of it I'm my DT. I'll update with results tomorrow!
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I see! Yes the CNPF is very useful... you can add it to your RO or leave-in as well! To your DT... erm I don't know try a few drops at first then adjust later as needed.

A quick fix until your SS PT arrives is IAgirl's gelatin PT! It's very cheap and so easy to make! I like it almost just as much as the SS PT (it was a little softer but it's true I did the "quick" version.... so actually I might like it exactly as much as I liked the SS PT) but I do need a PT to travel with as well hence I have my SS PT. Hope this is helpful!
2bc/ f / ii. low porosity roots + normal-high porosity shaft where bleached. normal elasticity.

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