I also had a stressful situation that caused extreme hair loss and after 1.5 years of going to my primary doctor and dermatologist, and trying every single product and vitamin under the sun I finally decided to see a holistic doctor. She explained much like the doctors, that my situation was chronic but she had a solution to the problem!! We did some hormone testing to determine my stage of adrenal fatigue syndrome, which happens when you go through a stressful/traumatic experience - and thus causes numerous things including chronic hair loss.

I started a hormone replacement therapy regimin and within 3 months my hair is finally back to normal! It is stronger, not falling out as much (just the normal amounts that I always deal with having thick curly hair), and it is growing.

For the first time in almost 2 years I actually blew dry my hair straight about a month ago. I was afraid to do this before fearing that so much would come out.

Doctors kept telling me it was stress, and chronic and there was no cure but I found out that yes there is a cure for it!