dresdendoll: she used devacurl low poo, one condition, ultra defining gel, and set it up and above.

wavydaze: she didn't really aim to break up clumps she just didn't so anything to really encourage them, iykwim.... Basically, she low pood and and conditioned me upright then used her hands to scrunch out a tiny bit of water (I usually apply to soaking wet but she saids water can pull down waves). Then she squeezed and scrunched the gel in my hair section by section... She kind of grabbed sections vertically and squeezed then did a traditional scrunching method.. Then blotted with microfiber and scrunched in a bit of pomade (this seemed to make it dry not crunchy yet gave hold). Then she clipped me and put me under a dryer. When she SOTC, she gently fluffed my hair.

corrina777: do you do the ouidad rake and shake?

firefox7275: I get the medusa noodle effect. I don't think my hair has enough curly to clump into the nice thick ringlets (well, except for the odd ringlet I sometimes get in the under layers). What stylers are film formers? Also, what are your thoughts on Rockin Ringlets? I see it in your signature and have been thinking of trying it.

jessiebanana: I agree... I notice the goal for most wavies here is the clumpy noodle look. For me, I can coax my hair into clumpy curls but within a few hours they fall into weird clumpy waves and its not pretty. The girl in the picture has gorgeous hair...,really makes me want to grow mine.
2A/B. Mix of fine, medium, and coarse (mostly medium). Dense. Mix of normal and high porosity.
Dry climate.