Oh I'm definitely not doing so, but the "oils&greases" companies say are good for the scalp typically have petroleum in them, I was just imagining the women trying go do better for by only cowashing but still using petroleum filled grease.
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The optimist in me says most people who learn about co-washing also learn not to believe any of the rubbish companies say in advertisements/ write on cosmetic packaging to induce you to purchase. Instead they start reading and researching ingredients lists. When I did I was all "WTF is that doing in there????"

Plus there is a lot of quality information out there on YouTube and forums about being curly/ natural/ gentle on hair, especially by African American ladies. And an increasing number of higher quality natural haircare lines marketed especially at those with kinky coily hair.

I'm probably being over optimistic about what percentage really do read ingredients tho!
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Ha, the pessimist in me says companies are out to make money, so they tell consumers what they want to hear, and a surprising number of people are willing to leave it at that and buy the company line of BS.

I'll give you an example. I've been raising tortoises for years, and as part of that I run something of an advice line to help people out. There are a staggering number of products marketed for tortoises that are completely unsuitable for them, and many are actually potentially deadly. You would not believe how many questions I get from people keeping their tortoises improperly because they buy products based on marketing, even though information on risks of using such products are readily available online. They just believe what the companies tell them, I guess because they think that "someone" would stop the companies from selling the products if they were unsafe. I don't see that it's any different for hair products, or any number of other products. Not that there aren't good companies out there, but it pays to know what you're buying.
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