Kaykre- I don't use the Ouidad rake and shake, but it's probably similar. Their technique involves applying gel to small sections of hair and is way too time consuming for me (I'm pretty lazy about the time and effort I'm willing to put into my hair). Basically I apply LI and/or curl cream while my head is upside down (primarily smoothing/raking, with maybe a quick scrunch at the end). Then I flip right side up and apply my gel in a total of 5 small blobs. First blob is smoothed over the canopy because this seems to help prevent wonky part issues, especially on days when I diffuse. Then I divide my hair into 3 sections- left, right, and back and apply the gel with combo rake/scrunch, with my focus on making sure that the gel is well distributed (I have thick hair, so it's very easy to miss spots). After I finish all the sections, I flip my head upside down again and use a very small amount of gel and scrunch to reshape curls. Then I plop while I get dressed, and if I feel like my hair is very heavy (with water and/or product), I use the same flour sack towel to gently scrunch out some water when I take down the plop. Then I do a quick check in the mirror to make sure nothing looks really crazy, might do an extra scrunch or adjust my part if I need to. Unless I diffuse, my total active styling time is under 5 minutes, and this was still the case even when my hair was longer.

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