I have 3b/c hair & I'm not sure i could do it because my curls are smaller than but fingers. But I will give it a shot. Jeliah your hair looks gorgeous. It reminds me of a curl form set.
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Because I'm 3c and not a mix of 3b/c some of my curls are smaller than my larger fingers, but they're not so much smaller I can't finger curl. If that's the case you're probably not 3b/c. Curl size is the main description of curl type. Most people with 3b have curls larger than their fingers.
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Most people still take texture for curl size. I think? That's the only way to understand some of these comments. LoL!

Anyway, 3b curls are the size of a marks a lot marker to the size of a super sharpie marker. At sharpie you're a 3c. 3c goes down to drinking straw size, at which point you're right at 4a. 4a goes down to coffee stirrer size.

I've seen 3c's who are CLEARLY 3c's thinking they're 4a. I'm always like....



Anyway anyone can do finger coils. Even 4c's.

Will I be doing them?????

Ain't nobody got time fo dat!! LoL! I'm way too lazy to spend hours twirling. Plus with my hair next day somehow it would all unravel in my sleep!! Hours wasted. LoL!
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Come on! Try it and post a pic! We should all do it and post our after finger coiling here! That would be so cool!
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