What is it... Estimated 41% of the US population is on assistance. Some of those are honest as the day is long, and you can count on the fact that some of them are not. I'd never bash the ones that are. I still knew people with no running water or electricity that took baths in creeks when I was a kid. They had nothing. Many, and lord knows they needed help.
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ETA: ^ My bestie couldn't make it without assistance. Especially since they removed one of the biggest tourist draws between 3 counties which took away a great deal from local businesses. (Idk how servers make it on $2.30 an hour anyway, especially when your tips have been cut in half and you might only make $30 working a double when you used to make $200). He only gets a little assistance, from 2 programs, but with no insurance, he'd never have treatments for his migraines. We're talking $100 for 20 pills. In other words, don't take me personally or as if I'm insulting anyone you know. I beotch about the same things to him, and he knows what I mean. I'm talking about what I know and the ones who were documented to blow $69 million in CA, in 2 or 3 years time, on cruises, vacations, $11 million of that in casino's, ones who were charged for fraud after buying 300,000 home in one state while on assistance in another, and making huge $ on under the table jobs and saying they needed their nail apts and maids, on and on.

Other than that... Help! I'm so ready to run from work.
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??